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1 CRC = 0.002224 CAD / 1 CAD = 449.640287 CRC

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FAQs - colon - currency exchange

Do you want to change your colons into currency but still have doubts? Find your answers here or else contact us, we are ready to help!

1) What is the exchange rate from colons to currency?

Exchange rates fluctuate and change daily. You can check the exchange rate for today on this website or in any of our branches.

2) Will I be charged a commission for changing my colons into currency?

We do not charge any commissions for any of our currency exchange transactions. We only have a small margin, which is even lower when you change your currency online than when you change it in person at the airport.

3) Do I get the same colon to currency exchange rate in this website or in any of your branches?

No, the exchange rate we offer on our website is different from the rate we offer in our branches. When you order your money via our website we guarantee you the best exchange rate. However, if the day you collect your order in our branches the exchange rate offered there is better than the rate on which you ordered your money, we will apply the most favourable rate for you.

4) How will I be delivered currency I ordered online?

After placing your online order, you'll be able to collect it at any of our branches in Guatemala. Besides getting the best exchange rate for your online exchange (more travel cash for the same price), this service allows you to save time and reduce anxiety, as you will have the currency you need ready for your trip abroad.

5) Why does the colon to currency exchange rate seem cheaper and more attractive in the Internet than in exchange businesses?

The exchange rates shown in Internet currency converters are for currency wholesalers (foreign exchange transactions for financial and international trade companies), not for the public. Those cheaper rates are for the foreign exchange, not for currency exchange operations in cash.

6) What is the difference between foreign exchange and currency exchange?

Foreign exchange (Forex, for short) is the market that establishes the value of the currencies in which international transactions will be performed, at a wholesale level. Currency exchange, on the other hand, is the market in which individual currencies are sold in retail on a certain price depending on demand. Currency exchange entails cash transactions, thus adding logistic costs, and therefore their exchange rates are somewhat “worse” than the Forex rates, which only move money between accounts.

7) What is the difference of changing my colons to currency with you or at a bank?

Banks charge a margin, plus a commission. At Global Exchange we will only have a small margin. Compare our margins to those of your bank’s and add the commission to know how much more you are paying at your bank.

At Global Exchange we specialise in currency exchange services:

  • More than 310 branches in 21 countries
  • More than 2,500 employees
  • More than 7 million Customers a year
  • 15,000 transactions a day
  • Rendering services 24/7/365

Why change currency with us rather than your bank

    Global Exchange Global Exchange   Your Bank
Currencies available   35. We are specialists   Only the most common ones. Banks do not offer this specialist service.
Ready currency   Ever ready, immediately, in our branches at the airport.   Banks order currency and have to await delivery. 
Expenses   Only the exchange rate, without any additional charges, and if you order it online you get the best price.   The bank has its own margin and adds a commission.
Currency divided in different denominations   Of course! We care about you and your needs while you travel abroad.   No. Prepare for refusals and complaints in foreign languages when paying with «big» banknotes.
Delivery options   Collect at the airport/branch of your preference. It is all about comfort!   You must visit your bank at least twice, and wait meanwhile for your money to arrive.
What do I do with my leftover currency when I come home?   We buy it back from you at the airport, just as when you ordered online.   You must return to your bank. They may buy your currency back at a worse rate and then charge you a commission.
Anything else?   Yes: our Iberia Plus Customers who reserve online earn Avios for their purchases, as when they buy at the airport.   Avi-what? No sir! This is a bank, not an airline company!